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Although love is a common topic for pop songwriters, the perfect love song is probably the most difficult to write. The 100 presented here describe all types of relationships and emotions and cover a range of musical styles, from classic rock 'n' roll to modern pop. 'Love Song' - Sara Bareilles Hot 100 Peak: No. 4 (2008) The singer from Eureka, Calif. made her chart debut with this song. Although it didn't reach No. 1 on the Hot 100, it topped the Adult ... If you're having a hard time finding just the right words to share with your partner, we've got you covered: Here, we've rounded up some of the best romantic song lyrics—from Bruno Mars to Nat King Cole and beyond—from some of our favorite Valentine's Day songs and country love songs. Whether you're in need of a sugar-sweet opening line for ... “Burning Love” was originally recorded by country soul artist Arthur Alexander, but it was Elvis’s high energy cover, featuring a killer electric guitar opening recorded by the song’s ... Real life lovers Sonny and Cher supplied the ultimate 1960s hippie love song. Notable versions that followed included a duet between UB40 and Chrissie Hynde and, um, Cher with Beavis and Butthead. 'Love Song' - Lana Del Rey . This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Love Songs song lyrics collection. Browse 88 lyrics and 48 Love Songs albums. 'Love Song' by Sara Bareilles. The title of this 2007 pop hit from Little Voice says it all. It earned Bareilles a Grammy nomination and kept her in the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 41 weeks. 'Crazy In Love' by Beyonce featuring Jay-Z. Beyonce's solo debut from her 2003 Dangerously in Love is an up-tempo ode to uncontrollable romance. It also ... The composition of Hashtag love soniyea song from Hashtag love soniyea album is by Meet Bros., while the lyrics are penned by Mellow D. Popular Bollywood singers Piyush Mehroliyaa and Meet Bros. together voiced this Hindi love song. Download and listen to Piyush Mehroliyaa and Meet Bros’s Hashtag love soniyea MP3 song in high-quality on Gaana ... 'Love You like a Love Song' was a success in North America, peaking at number twenty-two on the Billboard Hot 100 and number ten on the Canadian Hot 100. It stands as the band's most successful single in the United States, lasting the longest on the chart, selling more than two million copies and earning a penta-platinum certification by the ...

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2015.05.31 17:55 jwad650 The Pizza Game

"The Pizza Game" is meant to highlight generic lyrics in any song, but especially pop love songs, wherein the song is so generic, it could just as soon be about a piece of pizza than another human being. And therefore the song actually IS about Pizza. If a song passes all of the game criteria, it passes the pizza test, and you win the pizza game. Come play!


so i am someone who although isnt a huge fan of kim i love her music. I was listening to one of her songs from her album turn off the light and was in awe of how good some of the songs were. I went to the credits and there dr.lukes name was loud and proud i then began digging into her past and finding out more and more about her past connections to him. Im not a fan of her but when i looked on other forums about people talking about his alot of them were saying she is willingly working with him. I dont usually believe things from word of mouth so i googled this and found out she has said on multiple occassions she signed a "publishing deal" , i will admit i had no idea what that was and people began saying that dosent mean she has to work with dr.luke , thats when i began looking into what a publishing deal entails and what i learned was crazy there are diffrent variations to publishing deals and one of the variations is an "exclusive songwriter agreement" which is a publisher exclusively writes for a specific party for a ceartain amount of time . Kesha signed the exact same deal and in her court depositions she talked about how she began not working with him and breaking her contract because she didnt feel safe. Im not sure if everyone knows about kims contract but it needs to be known and kim petras's fans shouldnt let the narrative be written by people who dont like kim and have a biased outlook on the entire situation.
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2020.09.28 13:11 suffan1895 Early reactions - where does The Ascension rank in the discography?

I'm talking his main, solo albums. For me, it's right around the middle. Which of course doesn't mean I don't like it, because I genuinely love almost all his albums (enjoy your rabbit just isn't for me...)
I think it's a great album with some of Suf's all-time greatest tracks (Tell Me You Love Me, Come Run Away With Me, Ascension). But there are just a few too many average-Suf songs for it to be top-tier for me.
That said, I think it's a really complex album that's going to take several listens all the way through to come to a final conclusion.
Anyway, my ranking (the top 3 are interchangeable depending on when you ask):
  1. Illinois
  2. Carrie & Lowell
  3. Age of Adz
  4. Seven Swans
  5. The Ascension
  6. Michigan
  7. A Sun Came (I almost wanna put this above Michigan, but I cannot do so in good conscience when this album has Satan's Saxophones)
  8. Enjoy Your Rabbit
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2020.09.28 13:10 VeneficTec Looking for a music video from 80s/90s. A hard one from the back of my mind.

A song from 80s/90s, boldanimated video with robots that had weid body, no legs only this driving platform, torso from like a metal and hands that looked like one's you can find on LEGO characters. The robots have human heads, in a city one guy take's a robot girl as a hostage to a big tower (this bad guy was running the city as far as i remember). And this good guy seems to be in love with the girl, and so he goes around the city searching for her and ends up going up this tower using this spiral while singing all the time. Fights with this bad guys/robot and throws him down this tower. Will try hard to rememeber some more stuff about this one, this one been sitting in my head for like 10 years now...
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2020.09.28 13:08 Datso80s Looking for the CD of a Children's book

I bought a children's book from a charity shop which comes with a CD. "A classic treasury of nursery songs and rhymes". However, the CD that was with it was for a different nursery rhyme book. It might be a long shot, but does anyone have an MP3 version of this cd as I would love to have the correct audio to go with the book?
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2020.09.28 13:04 coolcat1303 21 [M4F] EU/Anywhere - My WiFi lost connection, can I connect to You instead?

I'll start off this by saying whom I'm looking for. I'm looking for a person, whom I can connect with, click with or whatever else you may call it, so we can both build something of our own. A future, our world, home. Everyone is welcome! From anywhere in the world! My age range would be 18-35. Your height, weight, race, ethnicity, body type, skin color, eye color etc. does not matter.
About me:
About You:
If you think we may click, have something in common, maybe something caught your interest. Don't hesitate, let's talk and see where it goes! :)
Thank you for taking the time and reading this post! Have a wonderful day!
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2020.09.28 13:04 coolcat1303 21 [M4F] EU/Anywhere - My WiFi lost connection, can I connect to You instead?

I'll start off this by saying whom I'm looking for. I'm looking for a person, whom I can connect with, click with or whatever else you may call it, so we can both build something of our own. A future, our world, home. Everyone is welcome! From anywhere in the world! My age range would be 18-35. Your height, weight, race, ethnicity, body type, skin color, eye color etc. does not matter.
About me:
About You:
If you think we may click, have something in common, maybe something caught your interest. Don't hesitate, let's talk and see where it goes! :)
Thank you for taking the time and reading this post! Have a wonderful day!
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2020.09.28 12:46 qolace I might be finally getting the help I need tomorrow. At the very least, a long-term break.

I've been a regular user of cocaine since I was 22. It was really fun in the beginning and honestly I never stayed up until 6am when I was using. Didn't even need more than a 40 bag every couple months. In the last couple of years though it has progressively gotten worse.
My usual 40 is now a ball and I was regularly staying up for 24hrs, one time even 48hrs. I wasn't doing it everyday, only every other weekend and lately just once or twice a month. But I knew deep down that I probably turned into an addict. If I keep wanting another hit once I have it in my system, I believe I may have permanently damaged the part of the brain that tells me to stop. And I absolutely hate that. I don't want to believe that but I got a wakeup call about a month ago, the week of my 31st birthday.
I was staying up binge drinking and using coke. Around the 6-7hr mark my heart started racing out of nowhere. It was beating so hard I thought it was gonna fly out of my chest. I got really scared, panicked, and tried to regulate my breathing. I obviously stopped drinking/railing and just laid in bed quietly humming a favorite song of mine. I didn't want to call 911, I couldn't afford to, let alone admit that I had a problem. I successfully calmed myself down enough to not have an anxiety/panic attack and fell asleep. My heart has felt a little off since but not to where it outright hurts. But I still can't help but feel I've done long-term damage over the years and that it has come to this.
I ultimately decided to go to a cardiologist, since I actually have good health insurance for once in my life, but I was a little too scared to set an appointment. But I finally did a little over week ago and it will take place tomorrow. Since then I have been eating a lot more healthy and have been doing some moderate exercise at least once a week. I feel like I'm taking all the right steps to try to combat whatever might be going on with my body. And I know that even if I don't get good news tomorrow, it probably won't be life-threatening. I'm way too young and can still take my life back and lower any risks.
But I can't help but feel mournful over the fact that I just might have to give up the drug and maybe even drinking completely. If I can't help but binge anything that I indulge in, that's the only choice I can make. It feels like I'm giving up a part of my youth and I have barely anything else to make me even a little happy due to COVID-19. I work in a high end grocery store in a very affluent neighborhood (translation: majority are Trumpers and anti-maskers) and it's taken such a toll on me. Drugs and drinking were the only things I could do by myself that allowed me to completely escape. To fantasize about the world being relatively "okay" again and go back to the bars and nightclubs I love so dearly (the ones that survive anyway), but now I'm cutting that out of my life and I just feel so depressed. Not enough to be suicidal but goddamn I'm so tired of just watching Netflix/Hulu and playing stupid games on my phone.
Just so stressed out ya'll and just need some support/comfort. I feel like I'm doing all I can and am heading in the right direction, so I don't want solutions really. Just, I can't be vulnerable like this on any other subreddit and it's the only place that feels so non-judgmental and open. I needed to let it out somewhere. Thank you for reading if you got this far <3 Love you all <3
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2020.09.28 12:45 TELMxWILSON Fresh tunes have arrived! Massive week with over 100 releases. All the new DnB releases listed [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 39)

Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Last Week's list http://reddit.com/iwy1ro

Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

This week I sadly don’t have enough time to do one of my usual deep dives. But since this week has been too incredible to just skip, I thought I’d still give out a few recommendations real quick.

1. Neurofunk

Recommended if you like: Drum and Bass that goes like Boom boom boom boom (I want you in my room)
One of my favorite subgenres. This week might not have had a lot of it, but the few releases we got blew everything out the water. Killbox - Nova, Ed Rush & Audio’s third single of their upcoming album, is the first that comes to mind. Have to pull a bass face for that one literally every time I listen to it. If I wasn’t wearing a mask right now, people would probably be asking themselves why I’m so damn angry at my phone.
Next up we got Task Horizon with their Raised By Robots EP, released on Evolution Chamber, the label they founded with Magnetude and Receptor a year ago. Some of the strangest and most interesting Neurofunk around. Legacy just blows my head off. And that melody is going to be stuck in my head for quite a few days, I guarantee it.

2. Dancefloor

Recommended if you like: Drum and Bass that goes like BRRRRR but also has vocals sometimes
Unlike neurofunk, we got a whole bunch of Dancefloor releases this week. First off we got the Aussie / Kiwi combination that is Lee Mvvthews and Ekko & Sidetrack with their absolute smasher Discipline. Lots and lots of brr. Next up we got one of the most prolific underrated producers of Russia, Mewone! He just keeps releasing stuff and I keep loving it. His newest offering Blame is a straight up dancefloor smasher and shows that he has a lot of different sounds to offer.
The next one takes us straight to Canada. RAM prodigy Bensley has released a new tune on Monstercat, the EDM label that got a whole subgenre to itself on Spotify (“Catstep”, no I’m not joking). It’s called Vex and it’s awesome. It’s not really typical dancefloor I guess, but I honestly don’t know where else to put it. If I had an “amazingly produced” section, I would have put it there. Pure Bensley vibes the whole way through. Toronto Is Broken’s label YANA Music, which I regularly rave about on here, also released a new track by What The French featuring Goldfinger (no connection to a certain British spy, as far as I know). The track is called Last Man Standing, which fits, because if a DJ would drop this in a club, he’d be the last man/woman standing because everyone else would have to sit down for a second. Because it’s that much of a Banger. Get it? Do you get my joke about the song name? Oh well, it sounded better in my head.
Jumping straight to the UK for the next one. Drum&Bass Arena veteran Kove joined forces with the legendary Charlotte Haining on Healing. It’s a combination I didn’t know I wanted. For some reason I always assumed Charlotte’s vocals only working on sad/liquid songs, but this song proves just how wrong I was. Such a feel good vibe.
Speaking of feel-good, Liquicity also released a new single off the forthcoming third edition of their Alchemy compilation album series. This time it’s German newcomer Jon Void with With You. A very catchy dancefloor single. Not even sure what else there is to say about it, it’s great. Since the quality of all the released singles so far has been consistently incredibly high, my hype for Alchemy 3 has become immeasurable at this point.

3. Liquid

Recommended if you like: Drum and Bass beats to relax/study to
Enough with all this noise, let’s just chill a bit.
The first on my list is Disrupta with his Deep Thoughts EP. Wait, what? Did I somehow end up in the jump up section? No, even weirder. He just dropped a liquid EP on Liquid V out of nowhere. Maybe not completely out of nowhere, considering he has released at least one other liquid track that I know about, but still definitely surprising. Disregarding all that, it’s a great EP. The leading single and title track with Duskee is just amazing, but it doesn’t stop there. Window Still, Your Love (with Sl8r) and With You are all pure vibes. Gets a huge recommendation from me.
The second kind of unexpected liquid release of this week is Emperor’s Still, his second release in the incredible UKF 2020 series. With an Emperor release I’d usually talk about how he brings some much needed funk back to the neurofunk genre, but not this time. This time his incredible production skills were used to craft an excellent and unique liquid track, which some fans even describe as their “absolute favorite of this week”. I can definitely see where they are coming from, the versatile producer smashed it out of the park with this one.
The next one is coming from Russia, again. This time it’s Nelver with his double single Cosmic Gate / Nothing Left on the Liquicity sister label Galacy. As expected from a master of the subgenre like him, both tracks are simply incredible. They just take you on a journey man. Yes, even when you’re sober.
Speaking of incredible liquid, Newcomer PRSPKTV’s new release Stargazing / Love Drops on Goldfat is also something they can be proud of. One of my favorite releases by an unknown unproducer of this week.
Last but not least we have the Remix LP of Goldie’s latest album The Journey Man. With names like Lenzman, Artificial Intelligence, Calibre and Dom & Roland, the expectations for this one were quite high, to be honest. But my expectations were fully exceeded. A lot of great liquid, a lot of great “old-school” drum and bass (meaning stuff like Dom & Roland or Digital & Spirit), just a lot of great music. Especially the Calibre and Dom & Roland remixes have caught my attention. So good.

4. Deep/Dark/Techy

Recommended if you like: testing out the sub-bass capabilities of your sound system, thinking “what even is this sound” while listening to dnb
First of all, we have to get the big one out of the way. This last Friday a compilation album dropped. On Noisia’s VISION label. With producers like IMANU, Teddy Killerz and Annix. And like 20 more?? Honestly, when that was announced I was wigglesmorfed. Yes, that’s a made up word. That’s how hyped I was. And still am.
The whole LP is full of amazing productions. Even if you don’t like a track you can usually still appreciate the unique ideas that went into it. It features an IMANU and Icicle collaboration 4x4 techno with 174 bpm track, do I need to say more? I maybe don’t, but I will anyway. My personal highlights were Teddy Killerz, Nick Bee, Annix and The Caracal Project. That last one especially, such an incredibly weird tune. Huge recommendation!
Speaking of strange dnb, American newcomer Nesium has also released his debut on Lockjaw’s Locked Concept label. Coffee Drip / Pillars are both tracks that are so good that they could have been on the VISION LP and I wouldn’t have noticed a quality difference. Very interesting stuff.

5. Hidden Gems

Recommended if you like: knowing the most unknown producers out there No time anymore so just straight to the list.
All Hidden Gems (both mentioned and not mentioned):
  • Nesium - Coffee Drip / Pillars
  • GEST - Foundation
  • PRSPKTV - Stargazing / Love Drops
  • Wake&Bake - Chromatism Remixes Part 2
  • Alpha Rhythm - Wardenfell EP
  • Witters - Calibrate Remixes
  • Midas Touch - Gold I
  • Elixr - Say It  

New Releases

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2020.09.28 12:35 Djapkula92 It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty silent recently but I can promise Hanako and I are still together. In fact this song is a direct love letter to her. I hope you enjoy it. In the comments tell me something you really love!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty silent recently but I can promise Hanako and I are still together. In fact this song is a direct love letter to her. I hope you enjoy it. In the comments tell me something you really love! submitted by Djapkula92 to waifuism [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 11:51 Auvenguard Hope for the Future

I don’t know why nobody’s talked about it but having Brother Vance be the canon writer of Hope for the Future (the song Paul McCartney, yes THAT Paul McCartney, sang for Destiny 1 back in the day) was just a really nice touch in my opinion, I personally love that song so it was nice too see it actually get mentioned in game beside just being an Easter egg.
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2020.09.28 11:49 simply_unaffected Female The Weeknd Fans: when you actively listen to Abel’s lyrics, what’s happening in your head? Do you view the song from his perspective or as one of the girls he’s singing about? What do you imagine? 👀

It really switches up for me, sometimes I enjoy the “god complex” his music makes me feel (kinda like a Kanye vibe) where I’m having this shared experience and I agree with what he says as the narrative- like the songs Heartless or Ordinary Life for example.
Sometimes in songs like Six Feet Under / Acquainted / Loft Music / High For This, when Im listening to the song the lyrics make me feel like I’m the chick getting all this paper and playing dudes bc fuck love, and things about the girl he’s singing about are happening to me / I’m interacting with him (lol sorry that lowkey sounds creepy)
And sometimes I think the songs make me feel like I’m imagining a movie / random things and I don’t continually insert myself into the music. Parts of the Kissland / Trilogy albums do this for me because it’s so blissed out.
Curious to know how y’all interpret it! And from the male fans too :) I wonder if it’s about the personality behind the song matched to our own personalities or it’s just unique to everyone based on our experiences. Or maybe even how much he’s saying “baby / you / we” in each song to make you connect to it like a dialogue.
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2020.09.28 11:46 QuestionQuest117 The End

I wonder what it will be like; The End. It feels like it’s coming soon. I know what I feel won’t be The End, though it may become my end. No, The End comes after.
What will it be? What will it feel like? Will it end in a matter of minutes, when nuclear hellfire strikes, or will it be a several decade process as Mother Nature dies? Should I start preparing? It feels so uncertain, so far away, yet so inevitable, so insurmountable, and something we humans will for the first and last time, see within our lifetime. Should we write a will if there is no one after us to read it, to divvy the profits? What good are last words if they die with us? I guess they’ll give us comfort in our last moments, as our loved ones know we’re not alone in how we feel.
They say on the news that it’s not insurmountable, like how the runner in last can still win the race at the final lap. They’re not wrong to say that justice couldn’t be restored within months, that the world could get together their collective shit and jerry-rig us to survival like forever before. But the stakes are higher than they ever were before. The consequences aren’t just the lives of a village or even a nation for a century. Failing against these near-impossible odds means death to us all, or at least the death of something close. We’re all in last place, and we don’t have the energy to pass first.
It’s almost comedic, in a tragic sort of way, that not ten years ago, even as the signs were there, we were more worried about an AI overtake, some nebulous, uncertain, theoretical existential threat, than the threat that already made us ill. What I would give to be succeeded by one of our own creations than to worn away into nothing more than vague chemical markers, waiting to be destroyed in a few billion years by the sun. It’s one thing to die having left your mark on the people who met you, however abstract or intangible, before passing. To know that your deeds will carry on through them, immortalized in the human race. But what should you feel if the keepers of graves should die themselves, with no one to succeed them?
The religious may be lucky, gaining comfort in the idea of salvation or some equivalent nirvana before becoming what they were forever ago before. Good on them. As for us and many others though, I guess we’ll take comfort in knowing once the process is done, once we have lost our gift of consciousness, we’ll never know it ever could exist. Returned to the eternal nothingness, the sleep we trained for each and every night.
Tell me, before The End comes, what will you do? What moment will you share with those you know? And, if you’d be so kind, when it comes, could you cradle with me, hold me too, as the song comes to The End?
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2020.09.28 11:42 wifld [ROLEPLAY][NEWS][DISCUSSION DAY][I'M SO SORRY]


D̶̞̈͊̅̈́ǫ̸͍̾ë̸͉̎s̵̛͎̰͕̎̓̅ ̶̬̮͕̿͘͠ͅi̸͔͓͒͗t̵͉́̄ ̷̨̱̍͛͜r̴̻͙̋̾̀e̴̞͓̓̂͘a̷̙̾̇͐̈́l̵͓̉͒̎l̸̖͊̿ý̶͉̈́̀ ̸̙̼̱̘͑͝m̷͍͔̔ả̴͔̏t̷̬́̋t̴̗͕͂͝e̴̼̊͐̀͘r̸̡̝̫̙͛̏ ̷̝̣̽̀͂̾w̴͇͌̏̕h̷̲̎̀̌ä̷̟́t̸̛͎͗ ̵̱͎̘̆̐͜d̴̢̩̜̫̚a̴͇̦͗̀ÿ̷͈̻́ ̴̹͙̝̥̈́̃̑̇i̴̝͊t̵͙͕̾̇ ̴͈̜̈́̏͂í̴̛̫͔̫̟̆s̵̘̾͑̃͜͠?̷͓̈́̄̓
Institution? Cells.
Cell? Cells.

Fear Among Citizens Rises for the Anglish War

Box? Cells.
The Ģ̴̛̠͓̓̿eldlǘ̶̦͗̿s̸̩͓̲̲͒̌t̴̺̼̖̂è̴͇̹̄r̶̳̹̿̽ ̵̤̫̜̳̂͗̐Ẉ̵̢̡̰͆̀̽͊ar is by far the most bizarre war ever fought in human history. The seeming use of Anglish "magickszzzzzssssszszsz;'''" have put fear into the hearts of many Dawnfire citizens. The most concerning, and most devastating occurrence is the fate of the Soviet city of Derbent. Derbent has completely disappeared, and has been replaced with a large, shadowy area. Researchers have yet to make any sense out of what happened to Derbent. However, there are whispers of the physics-breaking, nature-violating magick cast by A̵̺̼̙͆̑͜͠n̸͕̐͛͝g̷͉̾̂land to punish the Soviet Union.
A different threat exists n■t on Earth, but Ares. The feared "Arisian" has beeneen the subject of much debate among scientists and crackpot-theorists alike. This monster has the seeming ability to bend reality, and obviously has no love for humans. Initial descriptions of the crime scenes tell of the walls painting red, to give you an image. Many fear this to be a conjuration of Anģ̴͖̩̋̈́̊ͅl̵͚̤͐a̴̢̮̘͕̅n̶̦̬̗̈́̿͜d's as well, and fear the possibility that it might be able to come to Earth. Currently, Californian, Québécois, Dawnfire and Rajan efforts are being expended to analyzzzzzzzzzzzzz{MISSING_INTEGER}e and neutralize the threat, although the exact nature of the so-called "Arisian" is not yet known.
Love? Interlinked.
Many Dawnfires are beginning to fear for their lives. Will they perish like the citizens of Derb̶̞̩̫͉͐͛̆è̶̤̝̩̠́n̷̢̈̉̆͘t, disappearing without a trace? Will they die like those on Mars, becoming a new coat of paint? Nobody knows, and many people are afraid that Dawnfire may be next on Angl■n■'s hit list, given their sc■thing remarks against each other in recent years, especially ever since Dawnfire's leave from the Commonweælth of Nætions. No one can tell, and no one can see it c■ming.
Finger-to-finger? Interlinked.
Interlinked? Interlinked.

Former Albanian President Hanged for High Treason and War Crimes

Interlinked? Interlinked.
Following the First Vyberber̶̹͔̗̂͒̃̐̈́i̴̫̮͇͎̲͚̟̩͛͋́̇̉̉̅̈́͠͠͝b̶̝̬͔̹̣͎͓̞̣̩̖̲͙̹̭̎̍eriian Civil War, and the complete victory, both for democracy and and and a̸̡̡̠̻̦̦̱̟͕͒̄͛̑̀̑̄̎̇͒̈́̀̂̀͜͜ņ̴̢̬͍̻̈́́̌͂̈́̓̀̈̕d̶̠̥̱̣̘̔͂͑̐̾́̿̉̐̇̿͝ͅ Europe as a whole, of the Dragon Party of Albania, former President and Socialist Party leader IIIiIIIir Metaĝ̷͔̖̼̼̜̮̗̭̲̬̼̫̲͍̈̈́̽̓͊͌̓̑͜a̷̬͉̐̒̍̌̌͌́͆̓͌̔̅̊͐m̴̛̮͈̘̞̮͈̺̌̊͒͋̿̈́̓̔́̉͝͠i̶̛̻̘͖̩̮̻̦̥͙̙̪͓̺̹͇̞̅́̇̃̈̑́̓͊̍͐̇̐͘̕ͅn̸̨̛͕͙̥̯͌̿͊̓̍̓̈͐̕͘g̴̢̨̨͍͍̼͈̜̤͇̟̤̝͉͉̉̽͊͝ fled from Tiiiarinai, attmpeting to escape his crimes. While the sons and daaaaaoooooters of Albania secured the capital, Metagamer Supreme slipped out of the city, under cover of ■■■■■■■■. The coward flæd to the wældærnæss, heoping to næver bee seeneeb agæn. WHY AM I STAYING UP THIS LATE?
Arms? Interlinked.
Howæver, we caught the SLAVIC BASTARD him near the border with Kos̴̡̛̞͖̰̱̗̗͙̙̞̩̰̣̤̳̞̄̉̿̈́̄͆́̋̏̄̄͘͝͠ͅl̸̰̱̞̣̟̲͓̩̪̪͎̮̠͈̲̻͎̂̔̐̊͊̆͒̈́̔̍̓̐͑́̈́͘͝ą̶̛͖̰͖̣͎̰̥̗͕̯͙̝́̎̕ñ̴̠͕̠̫͕̳̦̞͇̲́̀̕͘ͅḋ̷̨̨̨̖̗̳͈͙͓̹̇̎̑̌̋̓̏̍̕͘͝, whereupon he was dragged back to the capital to stand trial. Unanimously guilty. The sentence was hanging, and on Seeeeeeeeeeeeepp 28th, 2020, former President 4272656e64616e2057696c6c69616d73 Illir Meta was hanged for high treason, among his various war crimes. ÉIRE GO, DEO!
Missing? Interlinked.
Within cells, interlinked.


Within cells, interlinked. Within cells, interlinked. Within cells, interlinked.
The re-election of Tion was metmetmetmetmetm̷̨̢͚̲̣͕͍̬͈͑̌̊̐̋̈́̾́̇̓͜ḛ̴̙̦̰̳̠͇̠̠̞̪̲̳͓́͛̀̆̀̔͘͜ṫ̸̗̬̞̻͇͓̺̝͂̿̃̇̒̈́̒̑͊̊͋̓̀̈́͘͘ with widespread disbelief by most citizens of Laurentia, particularly those living in the more liberal coastal counties.The "#DundeeIsOverParty" tag immediately became one of the fastest trending tags on Twitter almost immediately after the voting ended, and many Dragö̷̡̻̭̹̜̼̩̮̻͚̱̭̩̪͛͌̅̀͑̈́̍̈́͆̍̚͝͝ͅͅn̷̡̧̢̡̦͖̳̳̤̦̰̜̪͎͑͆̄̎̊ͅͅs̶̢͍͔̮̻̀͗̓̔̄͌̆͋̽͊̑͗͝͝ claimed that it was all but sure thing that Sam Kito III would win. Imagine their su̵̢̨͍͕̙̭̹̎̀͂͐͋̊͗̈́͗̆̀͋͜͝ŕ̵͕̟̯̫͉͈̤̤̠̦̞̩̲̦͙̥͕p̸̥͙͓̜̩̭̫͓̹̂̄͆̊̅̔̉͗̎͊̔̒͝r̵̼͈̲̲̓ͅͅi̶͓̘͍̟̗̪̩̲̪̙͈̹̾̇̐̑̄͑̀̈́͒̇̆͊͝͝ͅse, however, that not only did Kito lose the Electoral College vote, he also lost the popular vote. This lead to widespread conspiracy theories among the Democratic-supporting public that Trump, knowing how he'd nearly lost in his first election, rigged the votes so that he would win both popopopopopcovertopular and EC voting. Not to mention the already-existing theories that the Republicans rigged the trial of prominent Vice President Kamala Harris and Hom̴̬̗̦͖̪̟͎̙̘̌͂̀̄͑̌̅̂̌̋͋͆̋͌͝ë̶̠͉̯̦̯̻̦̞́͑l̸̨̢̙͙̺̹̩̠͍͍͑͆̅͌̓̈́͆͐̈́̀̕ͅͅe̴̢̥̳͙̮̟͔̻̫̲̫̦̫͇̦̅͝s̴̮̫͓̭̖̦͈̬̣͙̗͊̈́͋s̶̩̬͕̗̠̯̜̬̘̒̀̍̃͛̽͂̉̄ͅ ̴̹̖̝͙̎̈̋̆̀̾̽̍͆́͊̈́̚͝͝M̴̡͖̬͖̳̦̲̝̻͎͒͑̐͒̋̋͋̀̚̕͝ͅͅan Newsom in order to discredit their stances.
This idea became so prominent that people were willing to d̸͙̩̠̖̪͙̙̤̰͉̗͊̄͑̓͑̊̈́̾̓̀̈̓̓͝ͅi̴͎̫̾́̒̊̍͐̍̌͂̑̕̚ẻ̴̡̙̬̼͉͔̹̼͚̯̙̗̇̓̀̇͝͝ about it.
On the heels of the anti-ACḮ̴̡̛̙͈̩̝̬͙̐̆̎̇͛̍̐̇̈́̕ͅǪ̸̨͍͚͈͔̠̯̮͔̟͚̏̊́͆̃͐̈͘͠ ̷̯̤̍͒̆́̎͊͆̚̚p̴̧̪̝͙͇̬̞͔͍̰͉̜̉̑̀̌̿̒͝ͅr̴͓̬̮̖̼̯̟̙͈͎̻̓͊̍̿̔̂̔̂̑̃͒̅̾̿́̾͘ǫ̷̡̮͖͖͚͖͉͖͕̺͉̲͉̳̇̋̾̌͜tests that turned violent last year, as well as the guilty verdict on VP Harris and Homeless Man Newsom, millions of people have gathered in L■s ■ng■l■s for a major dem̶̬͚̑̀̎̓͐͂̿̂͆̌͊͋ö̵͔͚͎̦̭̦̝͓͔̋͒̉̃͒͛̾͝n̵̢̪͔̲͓̰̞͔͇̥̘̓̓͌̇̄̈́̚̕s̷̰͙̜͍͎̼̳͉͍͔̳͙͔̉ͅṯ̸̡̣̳͕͂̆̆͌̔̋͐̈́̈̒̚̚̚͝ration of resistance against Donald Trump's alleged crimes, involvement in large-scale government corruption, and general manner as his tenure as Virginian President. Several smaller marches are occurring in other Columbian cities, namely San Francisco and San Diego, and Californian Democrats (as well as anti-Trump Republicans) are encouraging similar protests across the states, especially after the solidarity shown when several states nullified the 2̷͎͍͔̪̫̼̩͎̩̒̊͒͑̆̆̊̎͐̌͆̔͜9̷̦̙̗̱̥̬̜̺͕͓̠͗̿̀͐̉͐͘t̷̛̼̯̰͎̫̤̘̓̇̿͆̄͛̕͝͝͝ͅh̴̡͓̜͍̫̜͕̞̜͉̝̟̭͇̜̍͋̂̄́̅̏̃̉͋̓̀͋ ̷̧̦̣̞̙͛̒͗̋͌̅̄̽̇́͒̂͜o̴̠̥͍̾̔̓͂͂̌̈́̾͘͝f̶̣͍͉̓̎́̊̿͂̔ ̶̡͓͈̞̼͖͔͐̽̍̍̐́͋͌͛̿͆̄͋͋̍͘M̷͚̙͎͙̙̊͝a̴̢͙̟̘̰̤͇̹̫̻̼͂͜ȳ̷̡͔͚̠̰̤͔̱̹͔̑͆͜ Amendment, as well as inter-state talks, the contents of which are still undisclosed.
Local police are currently on standby, and while these protests do not have any "target" like the anti-ACIO protests, ERRORL_A officials are still worried that the march may turn violent. We'll keep you updated as the protests continuenuenuenuenue.


It's all connected.
© 2020 W̷̡̝̮͙͔̻̎̌̀͂̌́̓͒̈́̽i̵̱͍̦̭͕̫̯͌̀̽͒̀̈͘͜l̷͓̝̣̩͕̝͖͖̅́̇̑̈́̎̌̔̒̌͒̔͘͝l̵̻͔̦̺͕̱̫̱̫̥͖͂̈́̓́̒̓̏͊͊ͅi̶̟̬͓̹̝͔̖̯̖̜͌̓̒̀̂a̶̭̻͈̻̠̭̱̱͊̾m̴̨͕̲͍̭͙̗̼̙̤̰̦̯̊̆̂̓͐̎̌͛̐̒ş̴̮̫̠̪̜͗̓̈̄͒͜ ̸̩́̕ͅB̷̦͉̖̥̘̳̺̀̓̎͛́̿͗̕͝r̵̢͚̙͇̹̅̈́̇͊̔͊ỏ̶̡̨̙̜̜̺̗̳̼͉͓̞̻̹́̃̈́̊̒̆̃́̂͒̃̈͑͝ã̷̜̪̤̟̺̻̺̙̞͍̪̣̞̭̾̂͂̈́ͅd̸̢͙̫̪̗̭̈́̌͂̉͆́̈̉̃̅̄ĉ̴̡̛̺̱͈̜̲͍̱̳̣͓̓̇̓̑͆̀͒̈́͠ȧ̷̞̠̟͓̦͉̘̱̈́̎̄̒̍̽̿̔̉̕͜s̵͔̬̔̅̃̔̏t̴̛͕̣̹̒͐͊̾͋͝ͅì̵̧̡̛̛̛̼̺̲̜̯͇͋͆̇͌̋̓̉̒͘͘ņ̸̛̼̼͈̤̗̜͍̬̟͕̪̩͇̞̽͋͠͝g̸̛̺̘̹̮̩̫͈̻̙̫̺͖͇̰̫̏͑̒͑̔̋̇̀̈́͊͂͌̕̚ ̸̡̧̹͙̮̘̻̲̳̳̹̋̄͗̈͗́̈́̄͂̏͝N̶̡̻̭̲͚͈̳͓̱̲̍̊̐̄͋̓̄́̀̈͆̈́͂e̵̡̧͍͚͚͖̺͕̲̣̔̿ț̶̛̲̌̈́̂͋͊̾̅͘͝͝ͅw̷̡̡͕̦̘̖̖̯̄̃̾̔͋o̴̤̠̥̫͎̿̈́́̾͊̾̉͠͝͠r̶̨̛͇̼͓̠̥̰̗̦̹̱̱̹̬̓̒͌̏͌̐̊͊̒̚͘k̴̦̪̰̹̈̍̃͆́̕. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten, or redistributed.
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2020.09.28 11:39 AGirlThat healing a broken heart

knows how to heal a broken heart
I’m 23, He’s also 23.
“It just isn’t the same anymore, I don’t feel the same” that’s what I said. I told him that I wanted to be on my own, to go out and enjoy myself. I thought it had run it’s course. I didn’t get butterflies anymore when he came home from the gym in the evenings. I didn’t get excited when we were going to spend the evening together with a takeaway in front of the tv. I didn’t post photos of us anymore, because I stopped taking them. I didn’t laugh at his jokes, or kiss him whenever I got the chance. I didn’t cuddle him at night time anymore, I turned away.
But now? My heart aches for him. No one has, or ever will compare to him. Why didn’t I know this when I let him go? I let him walk away, and I didn’t stop him, I didn’t even try to fix it. “It’s for the best” is what I told myself, when my pillow was drenched in tears, because I had too much pride to run to him, because “it’s for the best” if I don’t.
He knocked on my door, some of his hair has fallen out, he said. He was crying, his eyes were red, and his cheeks were puffy. Like they had been holding his tears for the 2 weeks we’d now been apart. I told him it would be okay, I comforted him, I wiped his tears away, but I rushed him. I was putting my lipstick on, because it was 6:12pm, and I had a date with someone else at 7pm.
I watched his heart break right in front of me, and I did nothing. “Please” and I said no. “I’ll try harder, I promise” and I still said no. I let him leave, he went home, and I knew he was going to cry himself to sleep that night, but I carried on with my evening and I ate a dinner that I’d ordered the last time I went to that restaurant, when I had gone with him.
The date went well, we went on a few more. I wasn’t fully invested, I was newly single, I was excited to meet new people.
A few weeks went by, he had rekindled with someone he knew from school. Things were casual, he said. But I knew what that meant, because he said that when he met me. But I let it happen, because I was somehow okay with it. But I resented her, oh I resented her.
“She’s so much like you, I think you’d really like her if you knew her” I doubt it.
Gradually I felt it, him being ever so slightly distant from me. We still spoke, a lot, but it wasn’t the same. He’d tell me funny stories, things she had done for him, how she loved him. I didn’t mind, because he’ll come back, won’t he? He didn’t. He hasn’t.
I met someone else, a few actually. Anyone else, to fill the void. I slept with men I didn’t even know, or care about, because then I didn’t have to be alone. I didn’t have to sleep in our bed, alone. I still slept with his t-shirt, because it still had a slight smell of his aftershave, only on one part of the collar, and only if I closed my eyes, and focused on nothing else, I could still smell him.
I told him I was sorry. I was so sorry. I’d made a mistake, a big mistake. He gave me a warm smile, and I felt relief. This was it, he was coming back wasn’t he? I admitted I was wrong, I had come to my senses and that was all he needed, wasn’t it? No, it wasn’t.
“She’s truly great, I’ve fallen for her” My whole world had shattered around me. And I knew he meant it, because his eyes lit up and he smiled with his teeth, he never does that. He hates his teeth. He loves her.
How do you fix a broken heart? Don’t break it in the first place. If you have someone who loves you unconditionally, for all the bad you’ve done, as well as the good. Don’t ever take that for granted.
Every day, I wake up beside his pillow, it doesn’t have the imprint of his head anymore. His t-shirt, doesn’t smell of him anymore. He posts photos of the adventures they go on. And they look happy. He smiles with his teeth.
I am in physical pain because I didn’t realise, you really can feel a heart when it’s broken. People say it will get easier. So it’s been a year, it’s still not any easier. We still speak, sometimes, if I message him. He doesn’t always read it immediately. Sometimes he doesn’t read it for a day or so, just when he gets time for a brief catch up.
They live together now. They hope for a family one day. And I wonder if he ever thinks of me, just in passing. When he hears a song that reminds him of me, but I doubt it. He’s happy, he doesn’t need me like I need him.
So if you came here, expecting to learn how to get over a broken heart, like I’d promised. Please let me know when you find out, I’d be grateful to know how to breathe properly again with him. So until then, I’ll remember the happy times we had, because that’s the only concrete thing I have left of him.
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2020.09.28 11:36 Marilynnnn Nena beat us out

I've been collaborating offline with a former classmate who took Beginners German with me in college some 50 years ago. He asked his German coach to proofread our translation in LyricsTranslate. So we made some adjustments. Thank you!
But probably the best translation is from Nena herself in her English version of the song!
At any rate, we did our best:
My head's full of stuff
That slips away so fast
So where do I begin, when is it time to start?
No one can tell me
The best path ahead here,
I've never really missed it in the past.
I look around, try something new
But I know the way ahead's still not clear.
Today I'm coming,
Today I'm leaving
And tomorrow is already gone.
Maybe I'll even stay,
I'm just not about yesterday
Today what I need is endless love [2]
Your car speeds so fast
when you're on a trip
There's so much that I haven't seen yet.
No one should tell me someone else knows best here
I've never really missed the mark in the past.
Because I will know myself for sure What's the best for me
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2020.09.28 11:34 Kalerzen [H] Lots of games [W] Escape from Tarkov EU Key, Steam Giftcards/RP Points, other Offers

Humble Bundle - September 2020 Forager Golf with your friends Caddypack DLC + OST (not main game) Strange Brigade Lethal League Blaze Yooka Laylee and the impossible lair The occupation Catherine Classic Vampire: The masquerade - Coteries of New York The Shapeshifting Detective
Humble Bundle - August 2020 We Were Here Together
Humble Bundle - July 2020 Basingstoke Earthlock Metal Unit Sigma Theory Verlet Swing Vikings - Wolves of Midgard
Humble Bundle - June 2020 The King's Bird Men of War: Assault Squad 2 War Chest Edition Overload Remnants of Naezith The Stillness of the Wind
Humble Bundle - May 2020 Chess Ultra Heave Ho Jurassic World Evolution - Deluxe Dinosaur Pack Niche - a genetics survival game XCOM® 2: Reinforcement Pack XCOM® 2: Resistance Warrior Pack
Humble Bundle - April 2020 Capitalism 2 Driftland: The Magic Revival Raiden V: Director’s Cut Shoppe Keep 2 Train Valley 2
Humble Bundle - March 2020 198X AI War 2 Etherborn Niffelheim Planet Coaster Planet Coaster - World's Fair Pack
Humble Bundle - February 2020 SHENZHEN I/O Underhero Warstone TD
Humble Bundle - January 2020 Mages of Mystralia Street Fighter V
Humble Bundle - December 2019 Aegis Defenders Dark Future: Blood Red States Desert Child X-Morph Defense Fluffy Horde Regular Human Basketball Sword Legacy Omen
Humble Bundle - November 2019 11-11 Memories Retold Evergarden Shenmue I & II
Humble Bundle - October 2019 Avernum 3: Ruined World BATTLETECH BATTLETECH - Flashpoint BATTLETECH - Shadow Hawk Pack Override: Mech City Brawl Planet Alpha Puss! The Spiral Scouts
Humble Bundle - September 2019 God's Trigger
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Keys from: Fanatical Dirt Rally STAR WARS Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy Blitzkrieg Anthology Looterkings Space Overlords Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition Lust for Darkness Supreme Ruler 1936
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2020.09.28 11:12 chaibreads [Appreciation] the 1975 kinda peaceful

the 1975.
I'm a relatively new listener, it's only been a few months since I found them. Their songs hit different because every song sounds sad and every song sounds happy too. Their music perfectly drowns out thoughts and sometimes silence is what you crave when you seek music.
I like music and I like stories and the 1975 deliver both poignantly.
Maybe you could tell me your story about finding them too, I'd love to know :D
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2020.09.28 11:09 Bingsu02 Whats up with the hate on "Your Man"

I fucking love this track. It's vibey, simple but bittersweet, and I think it's the perfect album closer for this already brilliant album. It seems like quite a few people such as Anthony Fantano thought that song sucked and I don't get it. What do you guys think? You think it was a good closer for the album?
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2020.09.28 11:04 SuperDevyn I need help writing a love song.

I pray that my Girlfriend doesn't see this, but in about 3 months it will be our 1st year together, and I really want to write her a love song, the only issue is I have never written a song before, I will sing random songs that I make up in my head while I am alone, but other than that I really have no idea what I am doing, so far I want the song to be called "You are my Everything Times 2" and this is what I have so far: "You are my everything times 2, and I hope I mean the same to you cuz baby girl, it's me and you" like I said, no idea what I am doing, so I could really use any help that any of you can give me, thank you all for your time.
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2020.09.28 11:00 flushestpoem Trailer idea

o this is just some stupid thing I was thinking of, and have no plan to actually do, but imagine a star citizen trailer usong the song "give me all your love" by the alabama shakes, where the in the songs calmer moments it shows things like exploring, landing/takeoff, cargo, etc and in the intense points it shows things like fps fighting, dogfights, prison mining, etc and for the songs climax it shows the "people of the verse" showing player acter people like security, pirates, bounty hunters, haulers and anyone else you can think of, and for the final about 5 seconds when the climaxe is settling, it shows a wrecked ship, passing through it until uou reach the cockpit where there is a supposed corpse, and then for the final moment the helmet light turns on twoard the camera, fading it to white, then the star citizen logo.
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2020.09.28 10:50 gintokigriffiths Which OST Song?

Hi, whats the song that plays when minister zhang tells elliot that angela is alive and that he can meet her and she's happy?

I'm trying to find it on the soundtrack. I LOVED that song.
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2020.09.28 10:49 twistedcherrystems This song reminds me of you.

LONG STORY, Please give advice tho, lol. I had an ex girlfriend I dated for about two years from 2015-2017, and I dumped her in the worst way possible. Ghosted her. We will call her Cam. Others didn’t know we were dating, so our mutual friends would tell me “Cam kept asking why you blocked her?” I didn’t block, I just deleted. Throughout the years we’ve seen each other a bunch of times, but we don’t talk unless it’s in a group with others around. I know it’s one of those “it never happened” kind of things. about two years ago we were at a party and we were all very drunk and she told me away from others she dreamt of me. i still think about how she told me this, and then said have you heard this song? it reminded me of you. and began to play the song and vibe out. with me she was herself and all her love. but around others she’s someone else. This previous May, we were with a few friends and when it was just her and I she got up and walked away she said “if i don’t leave i’ll do something i regret.”i would really want to be her friend again, but things are weird. she’s kinda rude now and i don’t know her anymore. i knew the old her. i requested to follow her on insta, and she hasn’t accepted or deleted. I know she’s leaving it there to be petty so I know she knows. I’m completely at fault and a bitch for leaving her like that but I was immature, and didn’t think it would happen the way it did. My friend was telling me “Cam told me she’s gonna always be hoe and never wants feelings again. That she doesn’t have a heart anymore, but idk who broke her heart.” Ive seen her lose herself over the years and her hurt herself mentally. She even got a tattoo after something I had told her many years ago. When it’s her and I it’s SO awkward and there’s so much weird tension. I really want to know her again, but i’m not sure if I want to know the new her or if she’ll even let me.
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